Join us in making the world a better place. Today.
Join us in making the world a better place. Today.

Orcan Energy

No one can afford to waste energy.

Our simple and flexible products convert unused energy from engines and industrial facilities into clean electricity that you can use right away. Without any extra investment or extra work. Now.

Save costs

As resources become ever scarcer, energy is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity. Harness your unused energy now and convert it into clean electricity. You will also benefit from lower energy costs and can make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment.

Reduce CO2 emissions

We have a duty to our children and grandchildren to protect our planet and find alternative ways to cover our immense energy needs. But instead, we are still wasting our resources. In industry, for example, up to 50 percent of input energy is lost as waste heat. Orcan Energy provides simple and flexible second-generation ORC solutions that turn this waste heat into valuable electricity.

Increase efficiency

We improve what is already there. Our simple products recycle energy that previously went to waste, without affecting the combustion engine. From industry and shipping to construction and transport, Orcan Energy offers the perfect combination of economy and ecology.


Andreas Sichert, CEO of Orcan Energy, featured by our partner E.ON

„Tapping the waste heat of the German industry, would substitute more than 90% of the coal-fired power plants that we are planning to shut down until 2023."


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Shipping companies around the world are currently under pressure to get their ships afloat under the new regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Thousands of water boilers that have been used to heat heavy oil have become redundant - although steam could still be used efficiently.

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Lässt sich die Abwärme bei der Stahlumformung zur Stromerzeugung nutzen?

Seit einer innovativen Anlagenmodernisierung lassen sich aus Abwärme jährlich bis zu 100 MWh Strom für weitere Prozessschritte erzeugen. Gleichzeitig werden Einsparungen bei der Kühlung sowie ein geringerer CO2-Ausstoß erzielt.

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Wolfgang Brand, Finanzvorstand bei Orcan Energy, über die Schwierigkeit, die Abwärmepotenziale von Unternehmen zu nutzen.


Our second-generation ORC solutions take waste heat from various processes and applications and turn it into clean electricity. They are used above all in the industrial, marine and power generation sectors where they can make the greatest contribution to a better world.


Our products significantly increase energy efficiency in industrial processes. They help slash carbon dioxide emissions and reduce electricity costs to an astonishingly low level. Find out more.


Our efficiency PACKs reduce fuel consumption on ships by six to nine percent and ensure a significantly better Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI). Harmful emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide and soot particles are substantially reduced.


Our efficiency PACKs use hot engine exhaust gases and cooling water to generate a significant amount of extra electricity. They require little maintenance and work fully independently. Fuel consumption is also considerably reduced.


Efficient, flexible and cost effective – with over 200 units sold and over 1 Mio. operating hours, our products contain know how from 10 years of continuous development and refinement. Our patented efficiency PACKs let you generate zero-carbon electricity from heat – from engines, industrial- or cooling processes. On-site and at incredibly low electricity costs. Installation is simple – plug and play. Standardized and proven industrial components, and intelligent control algorithms ensure highly reliable, low-maintenance operation and optimal electricity generation. Wherever you are in the world.

efficiency PACK

eP 20.30
eP 05.15

Facts & Figures

- Input power: 250 to 500 kW thermal (per module)

- Heat load: fluid heat sources above 80 °C (ideal 140 °C), gaseous heat sources above 150 °C

- Dimensions: 1,54 m x 2,26 m 2,57 m (W x L x H)

The eP 20.30 helps you slash your energy costs and improve your carbon footprint. It is also incredibly easy to install. Its innovative design means you need neither special housings nor additional equipment. Simply plug and play.

efficiency PACK

eP M 50.100
eP P 50.100

Facts & Figures

- Input power: 560–1,100 kW thermal (e.g. 1 MW engine, per module)

- Heat sources: Exhaust gas (max. 550 °C), saturated steam (120–180 °C), thermal oil (120–180 °C), warm water (e.g. from jacket cooling, 75–109 °C)

- Dimensions: 1,096 x 1,396 x 1,982 mm (W x L x H)

This efficiency PACK is easy to transport and can be installed or retrofitted in existing systems. The energy generated can also be fed back mechanically into the propulsion driveline, thereby reducing the engine`s fuel consumption.

efficiency PACK

eP 050.100

Facts & Figures

- Input power: 500 bis 1,200 kW_th (per module)

- Heat sources: fluid heat sources above 80 °C (ideal 140 °C), gaseous heat sources above 150 °C

- Dimensions: 6,1 m x 2,5 m x 2,9 m (W x L x H)

When integrated in your engine container, they can be fitted in just a few minutes. They are incredibly efficient and highly flexible.


OC 300.800

With our Orcan COOLER we offer a complete new category of cooling solutions for engines and industrial processes. As the only dry-cooler in the world, it does not require any external power, so you can significantly optimize your company`s energy-intensive cooling processes. The Orcan COOLER can be used for cooling temperatures above 65 degrees Celsius, its power range starts at 300 kW thermal and reaches up to several MW.


Az. Agricola Agrialleva (Italy)

“After seeing the simple and robust way the efficiency PACK from Orcan Energy works, I was sold. All components are integrated seamlessly.”

Bioenergie Schneider GbR

“I was convinced of Orcan Energy's efficiency PACK after looking at a reference unit in Germany and seeing how smoothly and sturdily the efficiency PACK works.”

Our ORC solutions in use

  • 200 systems sold
  • 1 million operating hours
  • 11,0000 metric tons of CO2 emissions saved

GM Rederij Doeksen

“The Orcan efficiency PACKs were the right choice for us because they not only significantly reduce fuel consumption, but moreover the environmental footprint is much smaller.”

Burkhardt Energie- und Gebäudetechnik

“The efficiency PACK was set up, put into operation with military precision and we had a high perfomance from day one.”

Marburger Tapete

“The dynamic partial load performance and the solution to start from low temperatures convinced us.”

Our ORC solutions in use

  • 200 systems sold
  • 1 million operating hours
  • 11,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions saved



We improve the state of the environment. Our aim is to make existing energy supply more efficient and sustainable, both in Europe and around the world. We focus especially on countries with large energy needs.

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Orcan Energy is led by physicist and company founder Dr. Andreas Sichert (CEO). He developed his idea of efficient energy usage together with fellow students. Wolfgang Brand (CFO) supports Dr. Andreas Sichert with his many years of experience in international capital markets.

Find out more about the Management Board and the Supervisory Board here


Right from the start, we have benefited from strong partners. In 2011, Orcan Energy gained its first venture partner in Wellington Partners and Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers (KPCB). They were followed by strategic investors E.ON and Aliad, the venture capital subsidiary of global market leader Air Liquide, along with the Swiss impact investment firm Quadia.

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Career at Orcan Energy

Orcan Energy has developed into one of the world’s leading cleantech businesses, driven by an innovative spirit and the unwavering commitment of its employees to making the world a better place in times of climate change. Do you have the fresh ideas and dedication to help write the next chapter of our success story? Then apply now. We believe that each and every one can make a difference.

We are happy to receive unsolicited applications as well. Furthermore, we constantly offer vacancies for trainees and working students in the fields of mechanical engineering, energy systems engineering, electrical engineering, general business administration etc., and we assist in preparing Bachelor and/or Master theses.

Electrical Engineer and/or Energy Technician (m/f/d)

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Application & Project Engineer (m/f/d)

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Trainee / Working Student Mechanical Engineering / Energy Management / Industrial Engineering (m/f/d)

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