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Power generation

Providers and operators of engine power plants and mobile electrical supply systems can use our container solutions to efficiently turn engine exhaust gases and/or cooling water into clean electricity. Our containers work perfectly with diesel and gas engines, increasing electricity generation by up to 100 kilowatts per 1,400 kilowatts of generator power.


Boost the efficiency of your power supply by five to seven percent. This allows you to achieve the same results with lower energy consumption or increase it with no change to consumption.

Easy transport

Our efficiency PACKs integrated in containers are easy to transport and can be installed quickly.

Low maintenance

Container solutions from Orcan Energy operate entirely independently. They are easy to connect and can be switched on and off automatically.They also require little maintenance, with tasks often performed when servicing the engine.

Flexible financing

We offer a range of attractive financing options to help you benefit from our ORC solutions. From purchase and leasing to bank finance, we can find the right option for you.

Reference installation Power generation

Heat source: Biogas     

Type: eP P 20.30

Net electrical output: 21 kWel, net

Annual electricity generation: 180,600 kWh

CO2 reduction: > 90 t per year

Annual feed-in compensation: €50,600

Installed: 2015


Efficient, flexible and cost effective. Our patented efficiency PACKs let you generate your own zero-carbon electricity from the unused energy produced by your combustion engines. Featuring a lean circulation structure, standardized and proven industrial components, and intelligent control algorithms, they ensure that the waste heat generated in your processes is harnessed efficiently. Wherever you are in the world.

We offer attractive second-generation ORC solutions tailored to your precise requirements.

efficiency PACK

eP 20.30
eP 05.15

Our most popular model has been in use in more than 40 installations for over six years. What makes it so popular is its flexibility. It can be deployed in any sector, regardless of the kind or quantity of waste heat. The eP 20.30 helps you slash your energy costs and improve your carbon footprint. It is also incredibly easy to install. Its innovative design means you need neither special housings nor additional equipment. Simply plug and play.

Our eP 05.15 variant can be used for liquid waste heat under 100°C.

efficiency PACKs

eP M 50.100
eP P 50.100

Our eP 50.100 efficiency PACK is suitable for engines of up to two megawatts and is used in the marine and power generation sectors. This efficiency PACK is easy to transport and can be installed or retrofitted in existing systems. The energy generated can also be fed back mechanically into the propulsion driveline, thereby reducing the engine`s fuel consumption.

Container solutions

eN 20.30
eN 50.100

Our second-generation ORC solutions, the efficiency PACKs eN 20.30. and eN 50.100 (from fall 2018), can be installed and operated immediately after production by selected engine manufacturers. When integrated in your engine container, they can be fitted in just a few minutes. They are incredibly efficient and highly flexible.


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