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Orcan Energy AG at IFAT

Clean electricity from waste heat – Orcan Energy to showcase efficient and easy-to-use solution for smart energy production (B4.150/250)


Munich, 27 April 2018 – Orcan Energy will be presenting its efficiency Pack 20.30 at this year’s IFAT from 14 to 18 May, giving industry operators from various sectors the chance to experience at first hand how easy it is to use the efficient energy solutions developed by Orcan for the production of clean electricity from previously unused waste heat.

Based on Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology, the innovative and patented efficiency Pack 20.30 is a highly flexible solution. It can use a variety of waste heat sources starting at temperatures of 80 degrees Celsius to generate electricity - regardless of the size of the engine or the scale of its industrial applications. Users of the efficiency Pack thus benefit from carbon-free power generated at an extremely low cost of energy and also have a range of opportunities to secure government grants by way of KfW loans in Germany or for generating electricity from biomass.

At IFAT, interested trade fair attendees will be able to walk into an efficiency Pack mock-up and investigate its inner workings with their own eyes. The model demonstrates the plug-and-play principle of the efficiency Pack, which is ultimately what makes it so easy to connect the solution and generate power from waste heat. Users can also see for themselves what makes the efficient energy solutions from Orcan Energy so stable and low-maintenance – namely the rugged and field-tested industrial components that Orcan Energy has deployed to construct its energy solutions.

The Orcan Energy team will assist potential users in carrying out their own ‘90-Second Waste Heat Check’ at IFAT to find out how much energy they are now losing without an efficiency Pack – but could save in the future