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Orcan Energy expands production capacities by setting up its own production unit in Kiel


Munich and Kiel, Germany, 07.02.2024 – Orcan Energy, the leading cleantech company that converts waste heat into clean electricity, significantly expands its production capacities to meet growing global demand. Thanks to the expansion of the Kiel site, the modular systems can be completely manufactured by the company and then delivered to customers all over the world. Orcan Energy's products help businesses such as cement manufacturers to significantly reduce their CO2 emissions.

Building upon its strong growth in recent years, Orcan Energy is undertaking this expansion to meet the growing global demand for modular solutions for waste heat recovery. The company's own production facility in Kiel is an important step towards making a significant contribution to the profitable CO2 reduction of industrial processes and value creation. The head of Orcan Energy's site in Kiel is Managing Director Hinrich Krey, who has many years of experience managing several production facilities, including in locomotive construction.

The production unit is located at a site with a long history. Production has been taking place in Kiel-Friedrichsort for 150 years – during which time the area was characterized above all by locomotive and engine construction as well as the armaments industry. Under the leadership of Kiel’s business development association KiWi (Kieler Wirtschaftsförderungs- und Strukturentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH), the "StrandOrt Kiel" is currently being revitalized as one of the most important commercial and industrial sites in the city. Orcan Energy's decision in favor of the Kiel location is due to the good infrastructure connections and the fact that important partners of the company’s value chain are already based in Schleswig-Holstein. From KiWi's point of view, Orcan Energy fits into both the future vision of industry in Kiel and the thematic focus of "StrandOrt Kiel" with the development guidelines "Sustainable Industry", "Industry 4.0", "Innovation and Transfer" and "New Working Environments".

Orcan Energy's CEO Dr Andreas Sichert said: "The decision to expand our in-house production capacity in Kiel reflects our commitment to growth and innovation in Germany. With roots in Munich and a range of global projects, we can promote sustainable change around the world from Germany. I look forward to working together with my colleagues in Kiel to contribute to a profitable and sustainable energy future."

Hinrich Krey, Managing Director of Orcan Energy in Kiel, added: "In Kiel, we have the best possible conditions to produce efficiently and to gradually expand our capacities. At the same time, we can serve the whole world from our location."

Claus Ruhe Madsen, Minister of Economic Affairs of Schleswig-Holstein, said: "We are delighted that Orcan Energy has decided in favor of Kiel as a location. As a green company, it is creating jobs here locally. We have once again shown that Schleswig-Holstein is very attractive for climate champions."

Kiel's Mayor Dr Ulf Kämpfer added: "We are delighted about this significant investment by Orcan Energy in Kiel. Numerous new jobs are being created in the future-oriented field of energy technology. This strengthens the business location and brings great opportunities for suppliers and interesting prospects for skilled workers and talents from the region."

Werner Kässens, KiWi’s Managing Director said: "Utilizing waste heat potential not only contributes to the global reduction of CO2 emissions but is also a prime example of climate-relevant innovation. With Orcan Energy, we are reshaping the future of a traditional industrial area in Kiel. We very much welcome Orcan's decision to become involved in the competition to attract companies to Kiel. The industrial transformation and structural change is thus directly reflected here in economic value creation.”