Orcan Energy AG Will Deliver Waste Heat Recovery Systems For Two Ferries From Dutch Shipping Company Doeksen

Image: Strategic Marine

Munich, 15. März 2017. Orcan Energy AG signed a contract for the delivery of ePACK Waste Heat Recovery Systems for two new 70-metre long catamarans for the Dutch shipping company Doeksen. The two ferries will be operated in the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. The Waste Heat Recovery Systems will be added to MTU gas engines and Sanfirden (Scania) gas gensets. The Singaporean shipyard Strategic Marine is building the two aluminium catamarans in Vietnam, which will be able to operate each as many as 66 vehicles and 599 passengers between the Dutch mainland and the islands of Terschelling and Vlieland, from 2018. The fleet currently consists of six ferries. The Wadden Sea was declared an UNESCO World Natural Heritage site in 2009 because of its unique geological and ecological value. Stretching 500 km along the North Sea coast of Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, it is the largest unbroken system of inter-tidal sand and mud flats in the world.

DThe RoPax ferries are built by Strategic Marine yard in Vung Tau, Vietnam and designed by BMT Nigel Gee, with the interior- and the exterior design coming from Vripack. The 70-metre long catamarans will each receive two MTU 16-cylinder pre-production Series 4000 gas engines, each delivering around 1,500 kW, as the main propulsion system. The IMO Tier III compliant engines will deliver power to azimuth fixed pitch contra rotating propellers, giving the ferries an operational speed of 14 knots.

Paul Melles, Managing Director of Doeksen, said: “Particularly on the sensitive Wadden Sea that has been declared worthy of protection, it is very important for us that the new ships are operated in an extremely environmentally friendly manner. The Orcan ePACKs therefore were the right choice for us, also because they not only significantly reduce fuel consumption, but more over important the environmental footprint is much less.“

Mark Dummett,  Senior Project Manager of Strategic Marine, commented: “This is a milestone project for us. We see an ever increasing focus on the environmental aspects of marine transportation, with LNG emerging as the fuel of choice for many operators and we are committed to being at the forefront of developing LNG and other emission reducing technologies. With the introduction of Orcan Energy‘s ePACK Waste Heat Recovery technology to this project, we have reduced the environmental footprint of the vessels while at the same time making the vessels more economic to operate.”

Marcel Flipse, Head of the Marine and Power Generation Business Division at Orcan Energy AG, said at the signing of the contract: “We would like to express our thanks to our partners Strategic Marine and Doeksen for the trust they have placed in our new technologies and are delighted that the ePACK Waste Heat Recovery units have been so well received by the market.” In addition to the Dutch ferries, Orcan Energy has more marine projects under contract for – at this stage – disclosed ship-owners, who will start operation in the 2nd quarter of 2017.

The Orcan Energy waste heat recovery system can be used for both existing and new internal combustion engines in ships, including for all fuel types (e.g. biofuels, LNG / CNG, GTL, methanol, MGO, dual fuel and HFO). The ePACK system uses the waste heat from engines to convert it to electricity or to mechanically feed it in. Orcan Energy is making this technology, hitherto only used in large oil tankers, available also for small vessels in the 0.5- to 5-megawatt segment. Benefits include double-digit percentage fuel saving, as well as proven green efficiency for shipping. The marine market is currently opening up for these types of energy efficiency opportunities, not least due to the financial crisis, which heavily impacted the overall market in recent years – as a result, opportunities to increase economic efficiency are needed.

In addition to the marine sector, Orcan Energy already operates successfully in, stationary & mobile power generation, agriculture (biogas) and industry with his ORC-based heat recovery technology.

Orcan Energy AG – The Efficiency Company:
Orcan Energy offers products, components and turnkey solutions to convert waste heat into CO2-free electrical power for the Industry, Marine, Automotive, Rental Power and the Biogas market. The clean-tech company is headquartered in Munich, Germany, was established in 2008 as a spin-off from the Technical University of Munich and employs about 55 people. The portfolio comprises for the first time realised system integration solutions as serial products (waste heat recovery as a component) as also plug-and-play modules, based on second generation Organic Rankine cycle technology. Orcan Energy has already sold more than 60 modules in Germany, Italy and Great Britain and serves customers worldwide.