31. May 2017

Orcan Energy AG with new orders in marine market

  • Orders for WHR (waste heat recovery) from shipping company Ruijven
  • Strategic partnership with Berger Maritiem

Munich, 01. June 2017 Orcan Energy AG has received an order from shipping company Ruijven B.V. for the manufacture of three ORC systems for their marine fleet. The Dutch shipping services company was formed in 2002 and provides consulting services, turnkey construction of ships, trades in the second-hand ship market, as well as offering transportation services with its own fleet. Orcan Energy develops and sells waste heat recovery systems (abbr.: WHR) which utilize waste heat from the ship's engines. Instead of emitting heat to the ambient as a waste product, this potential energy can be used to lower the fuel consumption of the engines. The systems are installed by Scheepstechniek Drechtsteden in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. The Orcan Energy waste heat recovery system can be used for both existing and new internal combustion engines in ships, including all fuel types (e.g. biofuels, LNG/CNG, GTL, methanol, MGO, dual fuel and HFO). The WHR system converts the waste heat into electricity or mechanical power. Orcan Energy is making this technology, hitherto only used in large oil tankers or in the field of power stations, also available for small vessels in the 0.5 to 5 megawatts segment. Benefits include fuel savings of 6-9% as well as ‘green efficiency’ certification for shipping. For the marine market this is an attractive energy efficiency opportunity, which helps to increase economic efficiency while decreasing a ship’s carbon footprint.

The order placed with Orcan Energy by shipping company Ruijven arose in cooperation with a new sales partner in the Netherlands: Orcan Energy has recently concluded a collaboration deal with Berger Maritiem. Berger Maritiem is a modern trading and consulting company with a clear focus on sustainability. With the expertise of Orcan Energy in the field of waste heat recovery, an ideal partner has now been found to harness the ORC technology (Organic Rankine Cycle) for marine engines. Kees Berger, owner of Berger Maritiem, sees the partnership as a big boost for his company: "Based on a very clever conceptual design and backed by the huge amount of knowledge and German engineering expertise from Orcan Energy, we can now offer our trusted clients a unique green-solution that has the potential of a game changer".

Marcel Flipse, Head of Marine and Power Generation at Orcan Energy AG, is delighted about the new partnership: "Energy efficiency and fuel conservation are increasingly important areas in the marine market – in the Netherlands alone, we see potential amounting to several hundred ships. We thus enable significant improvements in carbon footprints – which brings advantages to shipowners in terms of port charges and taxes. In Berger Maritiem, we have found a strong partner for the marine market. The global market is extensive and still largely untapped – we will be welcoming more partners on board."

In addition to the marine sector, Orcan Energy already operates successfully in agriculture (biogas), industry and the market for stationary and rental power generation with its ORC-based heat recovery technology.

Photo Material:

Photos: Vessels of the shipping company Ruijven, Copyrights: Fleetmon, free for use

Orcan’s waste heat recovery system for the marine market

Orcan Energy – The Efficiency Company:
Orcan Energy sells products, components, and complete solutions that convert waste heat into electric power for the industry as well as the marine, mobility, power generation, and biogas sectors. The CleanTech company was spun off the Technical University of Munich in 2008 and is headquartered in the state capital of Bavaria. Today, it employs about 65 people. Its portfolio includes unprecedented integration solutions ready for production (waste heat exploitation as a component) and complete, second generation Organic-Rankine-Cycle modules that convert waste heat to zero-carbon electrical power. Orcan Energy has sold more than 65 units to customers in Germany, Italy, Belgium and England and offers its services worldwide.

Ruijven Group: 
For the last decade Ruijven has been the port of call for services related to shipping, surveying and quality control of new build projects, and guidance in the realisation of these contracts. Years of co-operation with leading shipyards mean that the company can guarantee quality and timely delivery. Complete build management supervision is available, with Ruijven also assuming the role of delivery agency. The company is able to oversee construction of all floating materials including turnkey projects, as well as handling the purchase and sales of all types of vessels including pontoons, barges, inland and coaster vessels, tugs, and multipurpose workboats.

Berger Maritiem:
A modern trading and consultation company gives expert advice in sustainability for ship or fleet. Berger Maritiem strives to come up with “green” solutions that not only lower the environmental footprint but the ones that also lower the operational cost and finally contribute to a better competitive edge. Over the years Berger Maritiem has carefully put together a comprehensive package of sustainable solutions and become specialists in energy efficiency, efficient propulsion, emission reduction and sustainable ship recycling.

23. May 2017

Orcan Energy AG and its products for industry make a splash at Hannover Messe 2017

Markus Lintl, head of the Industry & New Business unit, in front of Orcan's "AIR", presented to the public for the first time at Hannover Messe.

Munich, 23 May 2017: Orcan Energy AG made its debut at this year's Hannover Messe, where it presented waste heat solutions for industry at its own exhibition booth from 24 - 28 April. The booth was most frequented by...

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14. March 2017

Orcan Energy AG Will Deliver Waste Heat Recovery Systems For Two Ferries From Dutch Shipping Company Doeksen

Image: Strategic Marine

Munich , 15. März 2017. Orcan Energy AG signed a contract for the delivery of ePACK Waste Heat Recovery Systems for two new 70-metre long catamarans for the Dutch shipping company Doeksen. The two ferries will be operated in the...

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17. November 2016

Orcan Energy AG collects award as outstanding spin-off of the Technical University of Munich

Vice President Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann from the Technical University of Munich presented the founders of Orcan Energy Richard Aumann, Dr. Andreas Sichert and Dr.-Ing. Andreas Schuster with the TUM Presidential Entrepreneurship Award 2016. (Photo: Heddergott / TUM)

Munich, 17. August 2016 – Energy AG has won this year's TUM...

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07. November 2016

Orcan Energy AG offers plug & play solution for low temperature waste heat starting from 80 °C

The first operational ePACK NT at Burkhardt Energie- und Gebäudetechnik in Mühlhausen, Germany. Dr. Andreas Sichert, CEO Orcan Energy AG, Holger Burkhardt, Head of Research and Development, and Werner Klenk, CEO of Burkhardt Energie- und Gebäudetechnik)

Munich, 2. August 2016 – Munich, 07 November 2016. Orcan Energy AG now offers...

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23. August 2016

Orcan Energy AG ranked as a TOP 100 innovation company in Germany

Munich, 23 August 2016 – Orcan Energy AG has been ranked among the TOP 100 most innovative companies in Germany on its first time taking part. The TOP 100 Innovator Award for exceptional innovation and outstanding innovation success has been awarded to medium-sized companies in Germany since 1993. Over 366 companies applied to be among the "TOP 100" this year....

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01. August 2016

Orcan Energy AG Partners with Flex to Scale to High-Volume Production

Munich, 2. August 2016 – Orcan Energy AG today announced it has partnered with Flex for high-volume production of ePACKs at the Flex facility in Althofen, Austria. Based on Organic Rankine Cycle technology, ePACKs are Orcan Energy’s innovative electricity generation modules that produce CO2-free electricity...

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26. February 2016

Orcan Energy AG presented with iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 for the ePACK

  • Particularly successful combination of design and customer value
  • The ePACK design saves space by eliminating external coolers

Munich, February 29, 2016 Orcan Energy AG is presented with the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 for the ePACK in the "Industry” category....

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02. February 2016

Orcan Energy AG sells mini generation units in the UK Energy-efficient mushrooms

  • Shropshire Energy (UK) Ltd increases efficiency and profitability of biogas plant
  • A total of five mini generation units, including installation, sold

Munich, 2 February 2016. Orcan Energy AG resolutely carries on with its international expansion strategy and now...

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21. January 2016

Orcan Energy AG obtains certificate of proven grid conformity for Germany and the UK

Munich, 21. January 2016 The Clean Tech company Orcan Energy AG obtained more important certificates needed to feed the power generated by the ePACK into the grid against compensation. The ePACK is a minigeneration unit by Orcan that can convert waste heat to electricity and uses ORC technology to do so (Organic Rankine Cycle). To date, the...

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03. November 2015

Internationalization: Orcan Energy AG expands to Italy

  • First ORC minigeneration unit put into operation near Venice
  • Huge and largely untapped market for the exploitation of waste heat in industry and biogas plants

Munich, 03. November 2015 - Orcan Energy AG resolutely carries on with its internationalization strategy and reported that for the first time, it has successfully...

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08. October 2015

Sales alliance: Orcan Energy AG and E.ON subsidiary Bayernwerk Natur GmbH offer new technology for power generation from waste heat

  • Innovative ORC minigeneration units convert waste heat into electricity
  • Market launch starting after extensive tests in pilot projects

Munich, 8 October 2015 Orcan Energy AG and Bayernwerk Natur GmbH, a regional subsidiary of E.ON, are now joining...

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16. September 2015

Orcan Energy, a leading clean-tech company in the waste heat recovery sector has attracted a minority investment of ALIAD (Air Liquide Venture Capital)

  • Growth capital secured through successful round of financing
  • Conversion of Orcan Energy into stock corporation under German law completed
  • Management team expanded: Wolfgang Brand appointed CFO

Munich, September 16, 2015...

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