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Implementation in record time: Geothermal system generates green electricity with Orcan Energy's highly flexible and modular solution

At the geothermal system in Kirchweidach in Bavaria six Orcan modules with a total output of 1 megawatt convert excess heat into electricity, thus saving 4,000 tons of CO2 annually.


Munich, April 13, 2021- Orcan Energy, leading manufacturer of solutions for the utilization of waste heat, has now implemented a first geothermal project in record time together with its cooperation partner E.ON. In Kirchweidach, Upper Bavaria, six second-generation ORC container modules from Orcan Energy were delivered, unloaded and positioned at a geothermal plant in just one day. This means that the operator FG Geothermie GmbH can now fully utilize the energy potential of deep heat: six Orcan modules with a total output of 1 megawatt convert surplus heat from the geothermal plant into electricity in a highly efficient manner, thus saving 4,000 tons of CO2 annually.

Those responsible at FG Geothermie GmbH chose the modular system from Orcan Energy because it adapts optimally to both seasonal conditions and to the other heat consumers, some of which fluctuate greatly, such as a regional large-scale vegetable farm. It operates optimally in summer when there is plenty of residual heat as well as in winter when there is at times little heat available. The piping for the installation could be prepared and the installation of the modules was thus simple, fast and uncomplicated, which further favored the decision.

FG Geothermie GmbH uses a particularly powerful class of efficiency Packs that operates efficiently at both low and high temperature levels, generating up to 200 kW­­el net at inlet temperatures of up to 150 °C maximum. The eP 150.200 is delivered ready to connect in a 40-foot container for installation to allow quick set-up and easy installation.

Andreas Sichert, CEO of Orcan Energy says: "We are very pleased that after numerous installations in the industry, the first commissioning of efficiency Packs at a geothermal plant also went very quickly and without problems. The project proves that precisely geothermal heat can also be used economically to generate electricity and that you don't have to waste this heat - even in more complex environments."

The project will run for 15 years. As part of the joint cooperation between E.ON Business Solutions and Orcan Energy, the efficiency Packs were handed over to FG Geothermie for leasing after commissioning. From maintenance to operational management, E.ON takes over the power supply as a complete, customized package.





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