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Decarbonization as a driver: Orcan Energy's waste heat solutions now second most installed ORC system worldwide


Munich, 18.01.2022 - Munich-based clean tech company Orcan Energy has ranked as the second most used supplier worldwide for its waste heat solutions. This was the conclusion of an industry analysis by the Energy Engineering Department of the Politecnico di Milano, recently published at the 6th International ORC Conference in Munich, which compared 30 companies offering ORC-based waste heat recovery technologies. As such, Orcan Energy has left industry giants such as Enogia, Dürr and Turboden behind in terms of the number of systems installed. With 502 modules worldwide, Orcan Energy is only behind Ormat, a power generator that has been operating internationally since 1965, with 1226 waste heat solutions.

This trend is reflected in Orcan Energy's sales figures. In 2021, Orcan Energy succeeded in tripling its order volume compared to the previous year. The Munich-based waste heat company thus recorded strong figures despite the massive impact of the Corona crisis and is benefiting from the increasing global demand for modular waste heat solutions. Andreas Sichert, CEO of Orcan Energy, says: "The result of the study confirms us: the demand especially for uncomplicated and flexible waste heat solutions is increasing worldwide. As part of their decarbonization strategy, more and more companies are aiming to produce cheap electricity while improving their eco-balance. This is best achieved with a mature ORC technology such as Orcan Energy offers."

The modular solutions from Munich-based CleanTech company Orcan convert previously unused waste heat into electricity. They are based on the organic rankine cycle (ORC) technology and can be easily deployed via plug-and-play wherever waste heat is generated: at industrial plants, on ships or engine-based power plants.

The ORC process is a reliable and long-successful technology for generating electricity from (waste) heat. With Orcan Energy`s latest generation ORC solutions, plant operators can utilize waste heat very quickly and easily - even at low temperature.

In 2022, Orcan Energy will continue to focus on customers from energy-intensive industries, where a lot of waste heat is generated. Operators achieve the greatest profits here. In addition, Orcan Energy plans to drive forward its internationalization with the target markets America and Asia.


Source: Market report on Organic Rankine Cycle power systems: recent developments and outlook in Proceedings of the 6th International Seminar on ORC Power Systems