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Energy efficiency as a driver of Energiewende: Orcan Energy presents new, particularly powerful waste heat solution


The efficiency PACK 150.200 is suitable for every industry, any waste heat from 80 to 800 degrees and creates climate-relevant CO2 savings

Munich, 30.6.2020 - The declared target of the German government is to reduce primary energy consumption by 50 % until 2050 compared with 2008. A key factor in reducing energy consumption is increasing energy efficiency. With the efficiency PACK eP 150.200, the leading manufacturer of waste heat solutions, Orcan Energy, is creating the necessary conditions for this: With the new solution, industrial companies can now convert the previously unused waste heat from their productions even more effectively into a sustainable energy source and receive electricity at uniquely low energy costs of approx. 3ct / KWh - without harming the climate.

The eP 150.200 is a particularly powerful class that can be used at both low and high temperature levels and generates up to 200 kWel net. The eP 150.200 is supplied ready for connection in a 40-foot container, in which the cooling is already integrated. In particular, the robust design and therefore low maintenance effort, the flexibility in operation and the quick installation of the modules make the application economically highly interesting. The solutions can virtually be connected plug and play, for example in glass, cement, steel or geothermal plants.

With corresponding operating hours, up to 750 t CO2 can be saved per year. The payback periods of 2-4 years are short especially given the fact that the life time of the module is 15 years. In addition, the purchase of the modules is a suitable instrument for maintaining ISO 50001 certification, allowing customers to benefit from additional fiscal advantages. Due to the cost-effectiveness of the new solutions, demand is correspondingly high: series production of the eP 150.100 has started in order to realize the first major projects this year.

In order to further motivate companies to tap the economic potential for increasing efficiency and reducing emissions, Orcan Energy offers its solutions in cooperation with E.ON. In concrete terms, this means that the customer does not have to pay the initial costs for the solution. From planning, installation and financing to operational management and maintenance of the plant, E.ON takes over the energy supply as a complete, tailor-made package. Customers purchase the CO2-free, low-cost electricity directly from E.ON.

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