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First electricity-free cooling solution for the industry

Orcan Energy: First electricity-free cooling solution for the industry

Munich, January 22, 2019 - An energy-efficient cooling solution for engines and industrial processes - that's what the CleanTech company Orcan Energy now offers with its ORCAN cooler. The world's only dry-cooler that uses no electricity. The innovative ORCAN cooler self-generates the necessary energy for cooling the medium.

The ORCAN cooler consists of a conventional cooler, e.g. a table cooler, and a unit that produces electricity from the medium to be cooled for powering the fans of the dry-cooler. Orcan Energy uses the proven technology platform which is already established through efficiency PACKs at customers worldwide. An intelligent combination of classic standard coolers and the innovative Orcan Energy technology has created a universally applicable cooling system that dispenses the need for an external supply of operating current and is not larger than a conventional cooler.

Possible applications of the new, electricity-free cooler include decentralized motor power plants and industrial applications with input temperatures of 65 degrees Celsius and even in data centers in the future. The cooling capacity starts at 300 kW thermal and can be as high as 800 kW per unit. Customers do not have to modify their current cooling process, because the cooling is done as usual, but without additional energy consumption. Larger cooling capacities can be achieved by a modular use of several units.

ORCAN cooler – electricity-free, future-proof and climate-friendly

With the new dry-cooler, Orcan Energy has succeeded in optimizing the efficiency of energy-intensive cooling processes for companies and mastering the increasing regulatory challenges of refrigeration technology. Thanks to significant cost efficiency and improved carbon footprint, companies benefit twice as much. Since the electricity produced by the dry-cooler is only used to supply energy, no grid feed-in regulations must be observed.

The interfaces for integration into higher-level asset management are integrated as standard, which means that the installation can be carried out easily and without additional maintenance work - simply via plug-and-play.

Orcan Energy has already become the first customer to convince the consulting firm B: Power of its technology, which now offers the product to their customers. In the first weeks of product launch, already 50 of the plants were sold to Eastern Europe. The first installations in Germany are already running.