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How Orcan Energy keeps running during Corona

Our CEO Andreas Sichert is currently not only working on energy efficiency solutions, but also on the repercussions of the corona virus. Together with our CFO Wolfgang Brand, he has adapted Orcan over the last few weeks and has taken the following steps to organize the virtual company:

  • Technical set-up: before day 1 in the home office, all employees were equipped with the necessary tools such as iPads, webcams, screens etc. and connected via VPN.
  • Instant messaging has become our number one means of communication: In order to coordinate our activities and share our knowledge in real time, we use Slack and daily video conferences.
  • We also sign contracts remotely with legal certainty.
  • Our technicians hold the fort: Under consideration of all necessary hygiene measures, work is still carried out in our workshop.
  • And even the service is still on the road by car, so that our customers' efficiency PACKs continue to be serviced.
  • Sales Task Force: What is needed in the market? Where can we acquire new business and how can we help industrial companies in the crisis with our knowledge and solutions? We are already developing new concepts, liquidity-saving business models for industrial companies and plans for the post-Corona times. We are also interested in how the state can accelerate the global energy turnaround in the Corona crisis and promote the use of waste heat more strongly in the future.