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"Investment in energy efficiency needs to increase if we are to save our environment."

Munich, 24 July 2018 – According to the latest investment report from the International Energy Agency (IEA)*, 2017 was the third consecutive year of decline in global energy investment. Year-on-year spending on energy efficiency alone fell by eight percent in 2017. "Investment in energy efficiency really needs to increase if we are to save our environment," says Dr. Andreas Sichert, CEO of Munich-based cleantech company Orcan Energy. He believes it is time for politicians to step up to the plate and is calling for the abolition of state regulation.


"Because energy efficiency is so vital to the success of global climate protection, it is alarming to see that investment in energy efficiency measures fell again last year. There are already a large number of intelligent and economically effective measures that do not require expensive infrastructure projects such as grid expansion. By introducing a few simple rules, the government could provide a significant stimulus to the market without placing an unfair burden on electricity customers or taxpayers. Grid connection requirements, some of which are pointless, should be abolished immediately, as should the EEG surcharge on efficiency measures," says Dr. Sichert. “For minimal effort and investment, virtually any industrial company can use modules to convert the waste heat from their combustion engines into clean electricity, thereby contributing to a more climate-friendly environment.”


Orcan Energy is a leading cleantech company specialising in the development of energy solutions that convert unused waste heat from all types of engines into clean electricity – easily and efficiently.  They can be deployed anywhere that waste heat is generated – in industrial plants, vehicles, geothermal systems, on ships and on biogas farms. Orcan Energy's efficiency PACKS are compact, easy-to-install modules, which are based on Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology. Government support is available and the payback period is between three and four years. No matter what the industry, Orcan Energy modules convert the heat from both exhaust gas and cooling water into grid-compatible electricity – safely, efficiently and environmentally-friendly. The module is highly flexible, which makes it suitable for operating at low temperatures and with small amounts of waste heat.