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Largest order for Orcan Energy in the company’s history in the marine sector: eight efficiency PACKs for offshore installation ship "Green Jade"

With eight efficiency PACks on board, the waste heat from Taiwan's first offshore installation ship "Green Jade" is upcycled and used as electricity to save energy


CSBC-DEME Wind Engineering has decided to install eight efficiency PACKs on board the "Green Jade", one of the largest offshore installation vessels in the world. The efficiency PACKs are designed to increase efficiency on board and save energy

Munich, October 28, 2020 - Leading CleanTech company Orcan Energy has signed a contract with CDWE for the supply of eight efficiency PACKs for the recovery of waste heat on board the vast floating offshore installation vessel "Green Jade". The EPCI company CDWE is a joint venture of CSBC, one of the largest shipbuilders in Taiwan, and the European marine contractor DEME Offshore.


First-class equipment for the "Green Jade"

The ship will be equipped with a crane with a capacity of 4,000 tonnes and a Dynamic Positioning System (DP3). The deck space of the vessel has been maximized so that a large number of the heaviest monopiles as well as wind turbine components and structures can be transported in a single shipment and installed at great water depths. This makes the ship suitable for the transport and installation of next-generation foundations and huge multi-megawatt wind turbines even under the most difficult conditions. With a length of 216.5 meters, the ship can accommodate a crew of up to 160 people. The ship is currently being built at the Kaohsing shipyard in Taiwan and is scheduled for deployment in 2022 in the flourishing local offshore wind market.


Waste heat recovery by means of efficiency PACKs on board the "Green Jade"

To make profitable use of the waste heat on board and to save energy, the four Wärtsilä 46DF engines on board are each equipped with two efficiency PACKs. The efficiency PACKs use the waste heat from the engine cooling water and exhaust gases. A heat exchanger transfers this to the ORC circuit. Here, the refrigerant is evaporated – a non-toxic, non-flammable hydrocarbon – and routed to the expansion machine as superheated vapour. The highly pressurised refrigerant is expanded, thereby driving the rotary screws in the expansion machine. The rotational energy is used to drive a generator that produces electricity. When all engines are running, more than 500 kW of electrical power is generated from waste heat on board the "Green Jade".

"Environmental considerations are an important element of Green Jade’s design. Waste heat recovery is a key technology in this respect, in addition to various other fuel-saving measures on board of the vessel. We chose Orcan Energy because the efficiency PACKs adapt optimally to load fluctuations and also work well at low loads," says Hedwig Vanlishout, CEO of CDWE.

"Many players around the world are working on making ships more environmentally friendly. The fact that we as a German CleanTech company are now even on board Taiwan's first offshore installation ship with several of our waste heat recovery solutions and thus part of a huge wind farm project in Asia confirms this trend. The use of excess waste heat is an important and economical component of the decarbonization of shipping," says Andreas Sichert, CEO of Orcan Energy.




About DEME

DEME is a world leader in the highly specialised fields of dredging, solutions for the offshore energy industry, infra marine and environmental works. The company can build on more than 140 years of know-how and experience and has fostered a pioneering approach throughout its history, enabling it to be a front runner in innovation and new technologies.

DEME’s vision is to work towards a sustainable future by offering solutions for global challenges: a rising sea level, a growing population, reduction of CO2 emissions, polluted rivers and soils and the scarcity of natural resources.

While the company’s roots are in Belgium, DEME has built a strong presence in all of the world’s seas and continents, operating in more than 90 countries worldwide. DEME can rely on 5,200 highly skilled professionals across the globe. With a versatile and modern fleet of over 100 vessels, backed by a broad range of auxiliary equipment, the company can provide solutions for even the most complex projects.

DEME achieved a turnover of 2.62 billion euros in 2019.


About CSBS

Founded back on November 7th in 1973, CSBC is the largest shipbuilding company in Taiwan. Their headquarters was established in Kaohsiung, with two shipyards in Keelung and Kaohsiung. In addition, there is an office in Taipei, to serve their customers and shipowners.