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Maximum energy recycling on board: Inland waterway ship "Maranta" uses waste heat with an efficiency PACK from Orcan Energy

Munich, November 21, 2019 - The leading CleanTech company Orcan Energy has once again successfully installed its energy efficiency solution on a ship. The 5,000-tonne pusher-barge combination "Maranta", owned by the Dutch shipping company Maranta Shipping based in Alblasserdam uses an efficiency PACK to convert its waste heat from the exhaust gases and jacket cooling water into mechanical power. The rotational energy is then fed back to the starboard engine's crankshaft. As a result, the engine consumes less fuel and the vessel’s efficiency increases. The impressive result of the energy recycling: a total of more than 5 percent and thus 36,000 liters of diesel per year. In addition, the ship's CO2 emissions will be reduced by around 102 tons.  The vessel has clocked its first trips with the waste heat recovery technology on board and is now being operated on Dutch and German waterways such as the Moselle and Rhine rivers.

"Unlike the energy transition on land, there is currently no real alternative to fossil fuels available in most branches of shipping. However, there are sensible ways of significantly reducing fuel consumption. These include above all waste heat recovery. With our second-generation energy efficiency solutions, practically any ship operator can save significant amounts of fuel without great effort," says Dr. Andreas Sichert, CEO of Orcan Energy AG.

Solutions from Orcan Energy can be used on all ocean-going and inland waterway vessels with a combined engine output of 1 megawatt or more. The intelligent heat recovery system can be used for both existing and new vessels and in combination with every fuel type. It converts waste heat from a ship's engines either into electricity or into mechanical energy to support the propulsion driveline of a ship. Ship operators achieve fuel savings of up to 9 percent and may receive a corresponding Green Efficiency certificate. Orcan Energy’s products offer a highly attractive way to increase the energy efficiency and profitability of ships. With two to four years the payback period is very short.

The transaction, which was completed within three months, was accompanied by sustainability expert Berger Maritiem, who represents Orcan Energy in the Netherlands and Belgium.


About Maranta Shipping

Maranta Shipping is a Dutch, family-owned inland waterway shipping company that owns pusher-barge combination Maranta-Maranta 2. The vessel transports coal and ore to the Saar and the Moselle and brings back grain for animal feed companies in the Netherlands. With a major overhaul of their vessel in 2019 the owners, Riemer and Géke Kingma, strived to contribute to a more sustainable inland waterway business.

About Berger Maritiem    

Berger Maritiem is a modern trading and consultation company that gives expert advice in sustainability for ships or fleets. Berger Maritiem strives to come up with “green” solutions that not only lower the environmental footprint, but also reduce the operational costs and eventually contribute to a customer’s competitive edge. Over the years Berger Maritiem has carefully put together a comprehensive package of sustainable solutions and become specialists in energy efficiency, efficient propulsion, emission reduction and sustainable ship recycling.

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