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Orcan Energy launches particularly powerful marine waste heat solution for more sustainability in shipping


  • An electrical power of up to 200 kW net can be generated per module
  • Suitable for all marine engines and any waste heat from 75 to 600 degrees
  • eP M 150.200 brings major progress in decarbonizing the shipping industry: improvements in the EEDI, EEXI and CII energy efficiency indices.

Munich, 26.04.2022 - Leading waste heat company Orcan Energy is now launching a new, particularly powerful solution for utilizing waste heat on board ships: the efficiency PACK M 150.200. Included in the new product are Orcan`s innovative ORC modules, specially designed for the marine market, which are now able to convert any waste heat from ships even more efficiently directly into electrical energy, thus reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. For ship operators, this means an improvement in the EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) value, the EEXI (Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index) value and the CII (Carbon Intensity Indicator). This makes the efficiency PACK M 150.200 an effective and cost-saving tool for meeting the new sustainability requirements in shipping.

The efficiency PACK M 150.200 is a space-saving, flexible solution that can generate power from a wide variety of on-board heat sources. These include exhaust gas waste heat, which accounts for 30% of the energy from burnt fuel, steam or thermal oil, but also liquid sources with lower temperatures, such as engine cooling water. The heat absorption of the efficiency PACK M 150.200 is 2.1 MW, which is twice as much as the previous eP M 50.100. And the output power, i.e. the net electrical power generated, is also about twice as high as before, at up to 200 kW net. Due to high performance, large seagoing vessels in particular benefit from the solution.

In the case of larger existing heat sources, several modules can also be used in a so-called stack configuration, in which a net electrical output of up to 1 MW can be generated from the residual heat.

Orcan Energy has entered into a cooperation with international industry giant Alfa Laval to market its new marine heat recovery solution. As part of its comprehensive portfolio of marine equipment, Alfa Laval will under license market and service Orcan`s new ORC solutions using its own E-PowerPack name.

"Thanks to the widely tested and improved technology, our efficiency PACKs are reliable and flexible in their use. They help ship owners save fuel, improve energy efficiency indices and significantly reduce their vessel's CO2 emissions," says Dr. Andreas Sichert, CEO of Orcan Energy. "The new solution will make a crucial contribution when it comes to the industry's common goal of becoming CO2 neutral."

Regardless of the type of fuel, fleets can reduce their fuel consumption, emissions and also costs with the efficiency PACK M 150.200. On ships where the switch to low-sulfur fuel results in a surplus of steam, the efficiency PACK can now turn it into an additional, free energy source.

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