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Orcan Energy’s World Premiere: First ORC-Plant Park in Myanmar

Orcan Energy’s World Premiere: First ORC-Plant Park in Myanmar

Munich, Germany -March 26, 2019 - Orcan Energy, a leading manufacturer of energy efficiency solutions based on the proven Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology, and its joint venture partner VPower have reached a major milestone: In Myanmar, Southeast Asia, the world’s first 90-megawatt power plant fleet with 70 second-generation ORC products has been built and put into operation. "For Orcan Energy, this installation represents a giant leap towards efficient and sustainable power generation with engines," says Dr. Andreas Sichert, founder and CEO of Orcan Energy AG.

The 70 efficiency PACKs – eP P 050.100 – were coupled with 70 1.5-megawatt gas engines to generate electricity from their waste heat, producing additional clean, emission-free and low-cost electrical energy. The generated energy is fed directly into the regional grid. The VPower Group was able to win the operator's tender with the significantly more economical and cleaner power plant park consisting of gas engines and efficiency PACKs. The site operator uses notably less gas and produces more electricity. The 70 installed efficiency PACKs produce a total of 40 gigawatt hours of electricity per year from the waste heat of the engines and therefore enough energy to supply about 25,000 local households. Thus, all parties benefit from this win-win situation.

Qisheng Zhang, CEO of the Orcan Joint Venture, said, "The energy industry in China is changing. Due to the dramatically increasing demand for energy, the improvement of energy efficiency is a top priority. Orcan Energy's solutions are now helping to significantly and reliably improve the efficiency of power plants." "The first large-scale use of ORC-based waste heat solutions is not only a milestone for Orcan Energy, but for the entire ORC-technology. VPower has shown: The combination of power generators and waste heat solutions significantly increases the efficiency of power production and will become indispensable in the future. This applies to emerging countries such as China as well as industrialized Western nations", commented Dr. Andreas Sichert on the project.

Orcan Energy's ORC technology works in a similar way to traditional steam turbines: thermal energy is converted into mechanical energy and eventually into electrical energy through an electric generator. Compared to the traditional steam turbine, which uses water vapor as a working medium, ORC-technology uses an organic working fluid with a lower boiling point.

Orcan Energy manufactures its efficiency PACKs in series and uses only proven standard components during production. As a result, Orcan products have a significantly lower price than ORC-systems from other suppliers and are characterized by stable and low-maintenance operation.