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Waste heat company Orcan Energy enters US oil and gas market with ICE Thermal Harvesting


  • Orcan impresses US supplier with quality, reliability, and expertise

  • High-end technology generates emission-free electricity from oil and gas production


Munich, 09.02.22 - Orcan Energy ("Orcan"), leading international provider of waste heat solutions, has executed a long-term supply agreement with the North American supplier ICE Thermal Harvesting LLC ("ICE"). Orcan will supply ICE with fifteen ORC modules for waste heat recovery, which will be utilized in ICE's power systems.

"The U.S., with its large number of oil and gas production facilities, offers tremendous growth potential for our waste heat solutions, fueled by the growing trend toward zero-emission power generation," says Dr. Andreas Sichert, CEO of Orcan Energy.

This supply agreement marks the second cooperation between the two companies. Since May 2021, the U.S. based company has ordered fifteen Orcan-efficiency PACKs, with this most recent agreement being for ten units. The contract confirms the growing demand for emission-free power generation systems in the oil and gas segment that can reliably supply green and clean electricity. For Orcan Energy, the largescale order represents another building block in the company's international expansion strategy. With more than 500 ORC plants installed worldwide, Orcan is already the leading supplier in Europe and Asia.

North American supplier ICE uses Orcan's efficiency PACKs within their systems to generate clean power from multiple industrial sources, including oil and gas assets. In a patented technology, ICE combines the most innovative and efficient solutions, including Orcan's waste heat solutions, resulting in CO2 emission reductions of nearly 4,000 tons per megawatt deployed. As a result, process-related heat is easily converted into renewable electricity that can be reliably used at any time without the need for additional costly infrastructure.

"Our zero-emission power generation systems will become an important piece in the energy mosaic of the future. As we are seeing increased demand from multiple industries, we need to ensure we provide them with leading, intelligent technology," says Ben Bodishbaugh, co-founder of ICE. "We selected Orcan Energy as our supplier because of their high quality, reliable ORC technology.”

Dr. Andreas Sichert, CEO of Orcan Energy adds, "the generation of clean electricity from process heat, as well as from geothermal energy and oil and gas, plays an increasingly important role in the era of decarbonization. We are pleased to have ICE as a strong and competent partner to support us in serving the growing Net Zero commitment of plant operators and establishing our solutions in the North American market."

Orcan's efficiency PACKs work just like a steam power plant. However, instead of water, an organic liquid that evaporates even at low temperatures is used to drive the turbines. This principle is known as the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). Orcan Energy's technology uses waste heat wherever it is generated. Orcan's efficiency PACKs are used in industry, power plants, geothermal plants or on ships to generate electricity. In addition to customers in the oil and gas industry, Orcan and ICE will also serve other market segments.

The waste heat potential of North American oil and gas production is massive. Market estimates amount to more than 5 bn EUR. With efficient waste heat solutions, a total of 2.5 gigawatt electricity equivalent to 20 terawatt hours per year - and 10 million tons of CO2 annually could be saved in the U.S. alone.


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