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Wittekind cement plant intends to significantly reduce its CO2 emissions thanks to waste heat solutions from Orcan Energy


Munich, July 27, 2021 - The long-established family-owned Portlandzementwerk Wittekind Hugo Miebach Söhne KG from Erwitte in southern Westphalia has now signed a contract for six energy efficiency modules from Munich-based waste heat specialist Orcan Energy. With the plant modernization, the cement plant intends to generate additional electricity and significantly improve its eco-balance through sustainable energy generation.

The eP 150.200 efficiency Packs lead to savings on the existing cooler and convert the - previously unused - waste heat generated during energy-intensive cement production on site into a total of up to 8,000 megawatt hours of electricity per year.  At the same time, they reduce the cement plant's CO2 emissions by around 4,000 tons.

The Wittekind cement plant has one rotary kiln and ten shaft kilns, with a total approved capacity of 3,500 tons of cement clinker production per day. As a result of the process, usable exhaust air from a clinker cooler is available, which is fed to an air-water heat exchanger. Water is heated and transported to the Orcan ORC modules via a closed hot water circuit. The efficiency Packs thus generate electricity from the hot exhaust air, which is consumed in the on-site power grid. By cooling the exhaust air, additional cooling capacity can be saved on the existing air-to-air cooler.

In principle, Orcan ORC modules work like a steam power plant. Instead of the working medium water, an organic, for example carbon-based liquid with a low evaporation temperature is used in the ORC process.

"We have clearly set ourselves the goal of reducing our own carbon footprint. However, at no time should the energy efficiency measures taken be at the expense of a smooth production process. We chose efficiency Packs from Orcan Energy because they are technically mature, reliable and low-maintenance," says Lars Richter, plant engineer at Wittekind Zement.

Andreas Sichert, CEO of Orcan Energy, says: "Our goal is to play a major role in decarbonizing the global energy system with our waste heat solutions. In energy-intensive industries, we achieve the greatest CO2 savings and can generate a large amount of electricity. We are therefore pleased that Wittekind Zement is now taking a pioneering role in waste heat power generation in cement production. We assume that other cement plants will follow, making a contribution to climate protection with waste heat recovery, which will also have a very positive effect on their own energy costs."

The installation partner for the electrical trades is the team from Miebach Schaltanlagen und Montage GmbH & Co KG. Hand in hand with Orcan Energy, they develop the customer-specific electrical integration for a smooth and safe use of the efficiency Packs.

The waste heat project at the Wittekind cement plant was funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as part of a funding competition. As a result of the funding, the payback period for the project was reduced by around half. The project will start in mid-2021, and commissioning is planned for the first quarter of 2022.


About Wittekind Zement

The Wittekind Hugo Miebach Söhne KG Portland cement plant employs around 165 people at its Erwitte site. With one rotary kiln and ten shaft kilns, the cement plant has a daily capacity of 3,500 t of clinker. A special feature of the Wittekind cement plant is the utilization of the combustible fractions from household and commercial waste as secondary energy. In this way, the Wittekind cement plant contributes to the conservation of fossil fuels and thus makes a significant contribution to environmental protection. The Wittekind Portland cement plant is part of the Miebach group of companies, which is active in the fields of welding machines, transformers and electrical machines, switchgear and assembly, among others. Since 1929, the cement division has been involved in the production of various cements, special products for road and building construction, and customized special cements.

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