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Power generation

Our second-generation ORC solutions are true multi-talents and are successfully used in a wide variety of power applications. With a power range from 50 kWel,net to 200 kWel,net, they reliably and safely produce CO2-free electricity regardless of the type of waste heat source. It makes no difference what type of engine or turbine the waste heat comes from or whether the waste heat is available in the form of exhaust gas, engine cooling water, thermal oil or steam.

Save costs

By using our innovative and patented second generation ORC solutions, the energy efficiency of your plant or power station will increase significantly. The excess heat from, for example, exhaust gas, engine cooling water, thermal oil or steam is efficiently converted into additional CO2 - free electricity. Considerably reduced operating costs and emissions are the result.

When using the waste heat of the engine cooling water, additional savings are possible by reducing the self-consumption of the genset coolers.


Proven reliability

The innovative and compact design, our technical know-how and experience after a runtime of over three million operating hours in Europe alone, make our efficiency PACKs particularly uncomplicated companions. Once installed, they operate reliably and fully autonomously without interfering with existing processes. The use of high-quality standard components ensures robust and reliable operation.

Flexible and low-maintenance

The ORCs -efficiency PACKs- operate fully automatically with very low maintenance. Integrated in containers, they are easy to transport and quick to install. Thanks to their excellent part-load capability and modular design, they quickly adapt their operation to the heat source to achieve the maximum possible output.

Flexible financing offers

Take advantage of our attractive financing offers when purchasing an Orcan Energy ORC solution. Whether purchase, house bank financing or lease. We will find the best option for you. For exports of our ORCs abroad, additional security is available through export credit guarantees from the German government.

Reference installation Power generation

Heat source: 70 MTU 16V4000 1,5 MW natural gas engines    

Type: 70 x eP 050.100

Net electrical output: +5 MWel, net

Annual cost savings: 9 Mio m³ of gas saved /year

Installed: 2019


Efficient, flexible and cost effective. Our patented efficiency PACKs let you generate your own zero-carbon electricity from the unused energy produced by your combustion engines. Featuring a lean circulation structure, standardized and proven industrial components, and intelligent control algorithms, they ensure that the waste heat generated in your processes is harnessed efficiently. Wherever you are in the world.

We offer attractive second-generation ORC solutions tailored to your precise requirements.

efficiency PACK

eP 150.200

Facts & Figures

  • Applications: Industry & Power
  • Input power: 2 MW thermal (per module)
  • Heat sources: fluid heat sources above 80 °C (ideal 140 °C), gaseous heat sources above 150 °C
  • Dimensions: 12,2 m x 2,5 m x 2,9 m (W x L x H)

efficiency PACK

eP 050.100

Facts & Figures

  • Applications: Industry & Power
  • Input power: 500 to 1,200 kW_th (per module)
  • Heat sources: fluid heat sources above 80 °C (ideal 140 °C), gaseous heat sources above 150 °C
  • Dimensions: 6,1 m x 2,5 m x 2,9 m (W x L x H)

When integrated in your engine container, they can be fitted in just a few minutes. They are incredibly efficient and highly flexible.


Inside the efficiency PACK, an ORC-Cycle is running: The evaporator transfers the heat into the efficiency PACK. Thereby, the pressurized working fluid is heated and then routed to the expansion machine. The vaporized working fluid drives the expansion machine and thereby also the generator producing electricity. The working fluid is condensed in the condenser, which releases residual heat into the ambient air. The now again liquid working fluid is brought to high pressure in the pump. This closes the cycle and it starts again.

Simple Integration

Due to the plug and play approach and the flexibility of the modules, they can be easily integrated, for example on existing steam or thermal oil circuits or directly into the exhaust gas:


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