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Orcan Energy AG's fleet of modules racks up 500,000 hours of successful operation

  • Second-generation ORC proves its durability
  • CO2 savings amounting to 3,800 tonnes


Munich, 29 November 2017. Since 2008, Orcan Energy AG has supplied and installed over 65 modules around the world to turn waste heat into electricity. Further proof of the robustness and virtually non-existent maintenance requirements of these "efficiency PACKs" has been underlined now that all minigeneration units have collectively notched up 500,000 successful hours of operation – fully justifying the "second-generation ORC" tag. This performance has already generated over 6.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity - enough to supply 1,800 three-person households with power for one year. So far, 3,800 tonnes of CO2 emissions have been avoided.

One of the top performers for electricity production is the efficiency PACK, in operation at the biogas plant in Eschenhart since 2015. Martin Forstner operates a biogas plant of 1 megawatt electrical output in the Bavarian district of Kehlheim. The waste heat of the engine is already used in many different ways, i.e. to dry corn and wood, but depending on the season there is some amount of waste heat not fully utilized. "At first, I have leased the machine, monitoring it thoroughly for two years. I was so impressed that I then decided to buy it", says Forstner. No regrets for the farmer: his efficiency Pack is one of the Orcan fleet's top performers.

The industry sector is also putting its trust in the reliability and durability of the efficiency PACK from Orcan: Marburger Tapetenfabrik in Kirchhain in central Hesse has been using two Orcan modules for two years now to convert waste heat of around 600 to 650 kilowatts produced by a thermal post-combustion process into electricity. Jens Weber, Technical Manager of the plant, says: "The dynamic partial load performance and the option of using already low temperatures impressed us."

In addition to being used in the agriculture sector, the Orcan Energy ORC-based heat recovery is already successfully operating in the marine industry as well as the power generation market.