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Orcan Energy captures a new market: Kickoff for first major geothermal project with E.ON


Munich, 19.08.2020 – Orcan Energy, leading manufacturer of solutions for the use of waste heat, is now expanding its area of application and, together with its cooperation partner E.ON, is installing six efficiency PACKs for the first time at a geothermal energy plant of FG Geothermie GmbH in Kirchweidach in Bavaria. The realization of the project "Energy from the region for the region" is Orcan Energy's entry into the geothermal market. Excess geothermal heat is used to produce green and cheap electricity with ORC-based solutions.

The operator's aim was to implement the project quickly and to provide a highly flexible solution that generates electricity even when the amount of energy fluctuates. The modular system from Orcan Energy was able to convince FG Geothermie because it adapts optimally to the seasonal conditions in summer with a lot of residual heat and in winter with temporarily little available heat. The easy installation and networking of the modules favored the decision.  There are just six months between the planned start of production of the modules and the first electricity feed-in at the customer's premises.

Six of Orcan Energy’s efficiency PACKs are in operation in the first phase of the large-scale project, which is scheduled to last 15 years. This is a new, particularly powerful class that can be used at both low and high temperatures and generates up to 200 kWel net electricity at inlet temperatures of up to 150 °C. The eP 150.200 is supplied ready for connection in a 40-foot container for installation, in which the cooling system is already integrated. In particular, the robust design, the simple construction and the quick installation of the modules make the application economically highly interesting.

“We are pleased that we were able to implement the first project in the cooperation recently launched by E.ON and Orcan so quickly.” The geothermal project in Kirchweidach “is a major milestone for us towards a CO2-free power supply for industry”, says Alexander Fenzl, Country Head B2B Solutions Germany at E.ON Business Solutions.

Since 2014 the geothermal plant of FG Geothermie GmbH has been supplying a regional bulk purchaser as well as the district heating network of the municipality of Kirchweidach. Since only a part of the available geothermal heat is efficiently used as sustainable heating energy, the surplus geothermal heat is now to be used for CO2-free electricity generation.