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Orcan Energy press photos

Here you can find all photos of the Management Board members and founders, and product photos available for download.


Orcan Energy wickelt erstmalig vollständig per Fernbedienung die Inbetriebnahme eines efficiency PACKs an einem BHKW durch.
Hermann Röhm, Global Head of Power Applications
Two efficiency PACKs 150.200 ready for delivery to the geothermal plant in Kirchweihdach, Bavaria, where they will produce CO2-free electricity from excess geothermal heat.
High-efficiency vessel "MS Willem de Vlamingh", equipped with two efficiency PACKs, uses the energy in the exhaust gas on board.
efficiency PACK 150.200 ready for installation on an industrial plant. The solution is suitable for any waste heat between 80 and 800 degrees in various industries such as cement, glass, chemical and geothermal plants or refineries.
Two efficiency PACKs 05.15 installed on the roof of an automotive supplier in Bavaria. Thanks to an intelligent waste heat concept, the heat generated by steel forming is used for the first time to generate electricity.
efficiency PACK, connected to the rotary kiln of Gottfried Tonwerke GmbH near Coburg, to convert the heat of the 300-degree kiln exhaust gases into electricity.
efficiency PACK 050.100 ready for installation on a Katameran of the shipping company Doeksen. The efficiency PACK uses the heat contained in the ship's exhaust gases to drive an electrical generator on board.
Two efficiency PACKs from Orcan Energy, installed at the BASF plant in Nienburg.
efficiency improvement of a 18V48/60 MAN engine with efficiency PACKs
Wolfgang Brand, Chief Financial Officer, Orcan Logo
Dr. Andreas Sichert, Chief Operating Officer, Orcan Logo
Dr. Andreas Sichert, Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Andreas Sichert, Wolfgang Brand, CFO/COO, Workshop
Dr. Andreas Schuster, Dr. Andreas Sichert, Richard Aumann, Founder
efficiency PACK 20.30
efficiency PACK 20.30
efficiency PACK, product picture