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Orcan Energy's latest-generation ORC solution reaches record levels in power generation

Peak power output from waste heat of 30.9 kWel


Munich, 03 May 2018 – Cleantech company Orcan Energy today announced record levels of power generation from waste heat with its latest-generation efficiency Pack 20.30 energy efficiency solution. Operating in a biogas plant, the efficiency pack generated 30.9 kWel (gross), thus breaking the 30 kWel mark for the first time. This figure can be increased even further if the input of waste heat rises. The carbon-free electricity can be fed directly into the grid and used – at a minimum cost of energy.

“We are proud to deliver an even more powerful efficiency Pack. This will enable us to tap into additional areas of application, especially in industry where requirements in terms of efficiency performance are particularly high. This is also reflected in the strong demand we are already seeing,” said Dr. Andreas Sichert, founder and CEO of Orcan Energy AG.

“The level of electrical output we are achieving now with the efficiency Pack is equivalent to the output of a corn field spanning 17 soccer fields. An output like this really pays off and considerably enhances the cost-effectiveness of our biogas plant," said Maximilian Mandl, an Orcan Energy customer and operator of the biogas plant in Pöttelsdorf, Austria.

The efficiency Pack 20.30 is an easy-to-install compact module based on Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology. It can convert both exhaust gas and engine jacket water from all industry sectors into grid-compatible electricity – safely, efficiently and environmentally-friendly. The module is highly flexible, which makes it suitable for operating at low temperatures and with small amounts of waste heat. The efficiency Pack 20.30 requires little capital expenditure and a low level of maintenance as it is produced using proven and robust standard components. No additional staff is required.