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Orcan Energy AG pushes internationalisation forward

Munich, 7. December 2017: Orcan Energy AG has new orders for efficiency PACKs from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, and Lithuania.  The efficiency PACK produces electricity from waste heat from motors that is used, for example, in the CHPs of biogas plants. Today, more than 70 of Orcan's second generation minigeneration units are in operation worldwide. Recently, the entire fleet even exceeded the 500,000 operating hour mark.

In addition to traditional applications such as biogas plants, the efficiency PACK is also being used in a wastewater treatment plant in the Netherlands. Maximilian Mandl from Pöttelsdorf (Austria) chose a second-generation ORC by Orcan as well: "When we saw the reference unit at Orcan, it was immediately clear to us that we could operate our own biogas plant much more efficiently with the Orcan efficiency PACK. It really pays off!"
Kai Kamossa, Head of the Renewables & CHP Business Unit at Orcan Energy explains: "Meanwhile, we are present in nine countries. On the one hand, that shows that customers trust our product and on the other, that there is a global demand for energy efficient solutions. The heating market is a sleeping colossus that we are slowly waking out of its slumber. We can cater to this market because we have scalable solutions for applications from the kilowatt to the megawatt range."

In addition to being used in the agriculture sector, the Orcan Energy ORC-based heat recovery is already successfully operating in the marine industry as well as the power generation market.