Is it possible to use waste heat in the industrial sector?
Yes, with ORC products from Orcan Energy
Does my biogas plant pay off?
Yes, with ORC solutions from Orcan Energy
Higher engine efficiency?
Yes, with waste heat power generation from Orcan Energy!
Our fleet of modules racks up
and is still going on and on
Can I save 6 – 9 % fuel?
Yes, with the Waste Heat Recovery system from Orcan Energy!


Industrial Applications

+ Reduce carbon emissions
+ Save electricity costs
+ Increase energy efficiency

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+ Significant fuel savings (6-9%)
+ Emission reductions of CO2, NOx, SOx and PM
+ Improved Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI)

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+ Increase electricity production
+ Save substrate
+ Autonomous, low-maintenance operation

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+ Increase degree of efficiency
+ Reduce fuel consumption

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Power Generation

+ Increase power generation
+ Save fuel costs

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Installed modules

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Energy efficiency through recycled waste heat


With the solution from Orcan Energy, CO2-free electricity is generated directly at the customer's facility. Waste heat is safely and optimally recovered through our focus on the use of lean design principles, proven standard industrial components, and innovative control algorithms.


Protected by several patents, the process from Orcan Energy is based upon the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and offers diverse applications for waste heat recovery - and it is worth it: with our solution you can generate in-house CO2-free electricity which is more affordable than traditional energy from a large power station.


Thanks to innovative new control and response techniques, even waste heat sources with rapidly fluctuating power and temperature characteristics can be harnessed safely and efficiently, even when operating under partial load.

ORC solution

Orcan Energy ORC solution

ORC solution

+ Compact Design
+ fast installation
+ Scalable due to flexible modules
+ Process stability: Without interference into running process
+ References with 430.000 operating hours
+ Amortisation in 2-4 years

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Application of our ORC solution

  • 70 units sold
  • 560.000 operating hours
  • 3.600 tons of carbon emissions saved
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Generate your own affordable CO2-free electricity

Our mission: sustainability

Rising energy costs combined with diminishing resources and increased regulation is placing energy consumption in the spot-light. Both society and industry must face the challenge of making the energy supply both sustainable yet at the same time, affordable.

The potential: waste heat

Renewable energy plays a vital role in meeting our energy requirements in a sustainable manner. Even so, the huge potential of waste heat recovery has, until now, remained un-tapped. At present, up to 50% of industrial energy is wasted in the form of unrecovered waste heat.

The goal: energy efficiency

The stated objective of Orcan Energy is to harness the vast amounts of waste heat from industry, transport and power generation. In the future, the solution from Orcan Energy will provide a valuable source of sustainable, distributed power generation, across all sectors of the economy.